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Bringing Education to Life



Vertex Nonprofit Organization (“Vertex”), (FIN 45-2831378), was established for the purpose of helping new or expanding schools obtain physical facilities to accommodate their educational programs despite certain obstacles like first year of operation or lower than expected enrollment.


As a nonprofit, Vertex qualifies the school and gives back a benefit to the school from the lease collected over the cost of capital. Vertex asks the teachers or administrators to propose the best use of the excess capital, and then Vertex elects the program or purpose, with a focus on maximizing the benefit to the students.




A major benefit of working with Vertex, however, is that the school tenant, under a market rate lease, is given the opportunity to build equity in their facilities during the lease. For example, any reserve funds required of lenders legally belonging to Vertex are transferred to the school as they purchase their facilities; thereby allowing the school to reduce the amount they borrow. Similarly, a guaranteed 50% of the excess proceeds generated from the sale of the facility to the school is delivered back to the school in the form of services, programs, cash or lender incentives.  These incentives are important in strengthen the school for longterm financing. 


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